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Mark's SF Bay Area Dining Club: Ethiopian Crawl



What is this?

Every few weeks we go to an Ethiopian restaurant in the Berkeley/Oakland area, with the goal of trying them all.


Recent SF Dining Club Outings



Ethiopian Crawl


Restaurant Date Visited Mark's Ordering Best Dishes Review and Comments
Red Sea 2006-12-19 3 (tie) Split Peas/Lentils Red Sea Review
Asmara Restaurant 2006-08-09 1 (tie) Impossible to decide. Asmara Restaurant Review
Cafe Eritrea d'Afrique 2006-07-11 3 (tie) Lamb, Garbanzo Beans Cafe Eritrea d'Afrique Review
Messob Ethiopian Restaurant 2006-06-29 5 Red Lentils, Chicken, Lamb Messob Ethiopian Restaurant Review
Cafe Colucci 2006-06-18 1 (tie) It's hard to decide because many were good, but the chickpea and kifto (raw meat) were both very good Cafe Colucci Review

Feel free to edit this page and add a column to the table!

Links go to the dining club's wiki. It has certain edit policies.


Outside of this crawl, the dining club also went to Red Sea in San Jose (in 2002) and Sheba Lounge in San Francisco (in 2009) and Cafe Rehoboth in San Jose (in 2009).  Cafe Rehoboth's brief summary: meat dishes (combo platter) were much better than the vegetable dishes.  In fact, flavorful and lively, they surpassed the meat dishes at the other restaurants we tried.  The vegetable dishes, in contrast, were bland, boring, and were generally worse than those served at other Ethiopian places (though I did like the cabbage in the cabbage-and-carrot one).  The salad was poor due to tartness/sourness.  We tried a non-alcoholic drink of ginger sweetened with a bit of honey: refreshing and quite good.  I didn't catch the name.


Chowhound digest recently had a roundup of Ethiopian joints.


Key to Reviews

We discuss the meals at dinner. After each meal, I create a page on the wiki documenting what we ate. I'll try to add comments to the wiki page reflecting my (and possibly others') opinions, but really adding remarks to the wiki page are everyone's responsibility. If you have an opinion (whether in agreement or in contrast), please express it!

Copyright © 2006 Mark Pearson. Contact me: e-mail my first initial followed by my last name AT cs.stanford.edu.

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