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Policies for this Wiki

Page history last edited by Mark P 15 years, 6 months ago

Policies for this Wiki

I only have three requests regarding usage of this Wiki.

  1. Never delete or edit someone else's text (unless to fix a type-o). All reviews and notes that I or others write are our own opinions, and we wouldn't appreciate them substantially edited! :) If you have a suggestion for changing the structure or format of someone else's document, ask them (i.e., usually me) first.
  2. I'd prefer if you put comments on reviews in the comments field of the text. This wiki service has an additional blog-like comment feature. Don't use it; if we want to migrate to another server, having comments in the wiki text will make the migration much easier than having comments in the unusual comment feature of this particular service.
  3. Feel free to create any pages you deserve, so long as they all start with the same prefix. (That is, name your projects JoshGoodRestaurantList and JoshSuggestionsOfFutureDestinations.) Some examples of pages you may want to create are lists of restaurants you attended, your own ratings of restaurants, or your suggestions for future places to eat.
  4. Feel free to tag any documents you want. To tag a document, click edit and add a tag. Create and use whatever tags you desire.Thanks for attending our dinners; thanks for reading this message; and thanks for listening to these guidelines.


Comments / Complaints about this Policy

Feel free to add remarks here.

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