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Bistro E Europe With Gypsy Flavor Review


Myself and others (names omitted) packed ourselves into one car. We traveled at a slow but steady 60mph up to San Francisco (ask me why), where we found ourselves in a not-great neighborhood on Mission. We spotted the bistro on the corner after walking by a number of beggars; I believe my companions were skeptical of the restaurant selection.


Inside we found a small restaurant (seven tables), all unoccupied. We ordered some appetizers: a red beat salad, some traditional bread, and another kind of salad. We enjoyed some very excellent Hungarian red wine: Egri Bikaver (Bull's Blood of Eger). After the appetizers and the wine, Neville commented his doubts and were dispelled and he was pleased. As for dinner, too, we were all very pleased with our dinner - between us we had (something like red wine meat), chicken paprikash, stuffed cabbage, and weiner-snitzel. At some point we found a bunch of books, poetry and magazines about the Roma (gypsy) culture, although we stopped reading it after reading some depressing poetry about children being bombed by NATO. In any case, throughout the night only four other people passed through the restaurant while we were there. But we were happy, having discovered a quiet, off-the-beaten trail place with excellent food and interesting culture. If we can do this well in future weeks, I'll be happy.


Under Neville's direction, we went to a nice place for dessert a few blocks from Union square.


Original Announcement


Our first trip is Sunday for dinner - we've already got a small crowd from general committments from people (names ommitted). Sunday we'll go to "Bistro E Europe With Gypsy Flavor". It's a highly rated Hungarian / Eastern European restaurant in San Francisco. I've never had hungarian food before, and this is a good excuse. (Read about it at http://bayarea.citysearch.com/profile/11416790/ - very positive) Tell me if you're coming! Also, tell me if you're interested in general, so I know whether to include you in future announcements. We'll carpool so you don't have to pay for gas, and so you can drink if you want. :)


Comments from Other Attendees


Mark & Fellow Eating Club Members, =)


First, a big thanks to Mark for planning the wonderful dinner... the place we went to had excellent food for very reasonable prices.


I just wanted to add a comment on the delicious wine that we enjoyed that night. Today, while shopping at Trader Joe's, I happened to see the exact same vintage (1998 Egri Bikaver) selling for the unbelievably low price of $3 a bottle. Those of you who went know how good this wine was (it definitely tasted like a much older wine than its vintage indicates!) Even for those of you who didn't go, it's a great wine to try for only $3!


See you at the next dinner,




PS. For those who went: The cheap Trader Joe's price should make it clear what kind of margins Bistro E is making on their Hungarian wines!

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