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Bistro Vida Review


This Sunday we went to a French restaurant -Bistro Vida- on Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park. It's just up the block from another French restaurant -Left Bank-, but we rated this one as slightly better. It was also judged as a bit more authentic. We started the meal with escargot (snails, quite soft and tasty) and pan-fried quail. Then we found an assortment of meals, including couscous, lamb chops, sausage & duck, chicken, ... quite a variety! We finished with an extraordinary upside down apple tart ... something like an apple pie except cooked upside down and something about waiting for things to caramelize and I don't quite remember it all, but was oh so good!


Original Announcement


Bistro Vida, is a French restaurant in Menlo Park, rather highly reviewed. Check out


for one review. It sounds very good, so we'll meet there at 7pm, as planned.


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