Background on Montreal Restaurants

As part of my trip to Montreal, I did much research via chowhound, Fodor's, Frommer's, Yahoo travel, and other web sites on good restaurants nearby.  I knew I wanted to eat at places that I can't find back at home.  That meant French bistros and nice bakeries.  But it also meant so much more.  I learned Montreal really was a good town for foodies, with countless other unique dining experiences with restaurants specializing in items ranging from fois gras and Montreal bagels to smoked meats and poutine.  Even though I was in the city for five days, I could've easily filled many times more days than that with recommended restaurants.


Context for this Particular Restaurant


Although I didn't see any non-chowhound reviews of Byblos Le Petit Cafe, chowhounds loved it, especially its unique Middle Eastern brunch.  I knew I had to go.  We tried to go on Monday but it was closed and instead we went to St. Viateur Bagel Cafe.  On Tuesday we tried again, successfully.


The restaurant's home page is but is only in French.


Byblos Le Petit Cafe Review


"This is amazing," said my mom as she ate what she described as the most unusual breakfast of her life.


We got many items:


We almost didn't finish but my mom couldn't let anything go to waste, especially the halva.

We drank:



Some items we had aren't pictured.


The restaurant is casual and welcoming. Arabian (?) wind music provided some ambiance. The dining room was filled with natural light streaming through large windows. We sat in the corner visible in the picture below and hence had a panoramic view of both inside and outside.