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Background on Quebec Restaurants


As part of my trip to Quebec City, I did much research via chowhound, Fodor's, Frommer's, Yahoo travel, and other web sites on good restaurants nearby. Frankly, there wasn't much about the city of Quebec. Judging by the reviews, Quebec's restaurant scene seems geared toward the ultra-expensive, four star restaurants serving haute cuisine. Still, I managed to sift through the reviews to find a number of cheaper, more locally distinctive joints at which to eat.


Context for this Particular Restaurant


Due to the sad state of the hotel breakfast the previous day, I knew we had to go out. I selected Chez Temporel, a place often mentioned as being good for breakfast.


Chez Temporel Review


Chez Temporel served us a respectable breakfast. My dad said he liked it all.



Our pain au chocolat, which they simply called a chocolate croissant, was pretty good. Although not very fluffy, it did flake appropriately and had a goodly amount of chocolate. My parents said it was the best one yet. I disagreed, thinking my memory of the one served in our first hotel in Montreal was better. In any case, it's definitely near the top of the list.


We also had a dry raspberry orange muffin that had nice flavors. My parents liked it.


The toasted baguette was decent, especially with the fresh strawberry jam. It actually contained chunks of fruit. Good stuff.


The baked egg dish, topped with oregano, wasn't exciting. Also, the shredded selection of salad fixings (e.g., carrots) didn't seem useful at all.


The atmosphere is unique. Although in many ways a cafe, Chez Temporel still retained a little of a bar feel. And we enjoyed -although didn't know what to make of- the background music, mixing between American country songs and Bob Dylan. My dad adds that he had a bilingual chat about bluegrass banjo music with the guy behind the counter.


Incidentally, Chez Temporel is found on an angled street which I thought was quite cute.

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