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Background on Quebec Restaurants


As part of my trip to Quebec City, I did much research via chowhound, Fodor's, Frommer's, Yahoo travel, and other web sites on good restaurants nearby. Frankly, there wasn't much about the city of Quebec. Judging by the reviews, Quebec's restaurant scene seems geared toward the ultra-expensive, four star restaurants serving haute cuisine. Still, I managed to sift through the reviews to find a number of cheaper, more locally distinctive joints at which to eat.


Context for this Particular Restaurant


I decided we should hit Chez Victor, a cafe that supposedly serves the best burgers in town, on the night we arrived, as it would be difficult to visit after we put the car in the garage for the weekend.


Chez Victor Review


Chez Victor served us fine burgers. Not particular good; simply fine. We didn't see many places that served burgers in Quebec; maybe it is the best burger joint but that doesn't say much.


Chez Victor is much bigger inside than it appears from the outside, with multiple rooms, stone walls, and dark corners.


Sadly, we were seated in one of those corners and had trouble reading the menu. Ordering was difficult as well because our waiter wasn't fluent in English. This gave my dad an opportunity to practice his French, which as a son of course I have to say I was embarrassed by. (But then, I don't speak French at all...)


Our plates of food were so huge I couldn't finish mine (and I eat a lot). In all our burgers, the meat was well done -- that's our main complaint about the food. It wasn't an accident on their part; rather, that's the only way they would cook a burger. The toppings (mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, grilled onions, etc.) worked well and balanced the meat.


The fries were fine and went well with the dips: curry, garlic mayo, and regular mayo. We're not sure which one was better. (Being Cananda, there was no ketchup.)


My dad got a side Caesar salad which included bacon, anchovies, and capers. It was quite respectable.


We tried a Sleeman Clear beer. It was like Bud -- just fizzy water. In case it isn't obvious, that is definitely not an endorsement.


It was too dark to take a picture of the food.


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