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Cinecitta Ristorante & Bar Review


We liked pizzas at Cinecitta but didn't think they were particularly special.  We didn't think the appetizer (caesar salad) and dessert (tiramisu) we tried were good.


Some details:


Upon being seated, we were presented with a basket of sliced white bread and balsamic vinegar.  The white bread was good--certainly not store bought--though it was still merely white bread.  This, however, can't be a big complaint--the plate quickly disappeared.


The two pizzas we tried, boscaiola (sausage, mushrooms, tomato sauce, cheese) and vegetariana (zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, tomato sauce, cheese), both had a very thin-crust, cracker-y in places, soft in others. (This scorched nature apparently is Roman style.)  They arrived steaming hot.  Oj like the vegetarian one; I liked the spicy sausage on the other one.


We decided we didn't want dessert, but the restaurant gave us a free one anyway.


All serving plates and the pizzas were square.  Napkins, though disposable, felt expensive, almost as if they were made of cloth.


In spite of being a small restaurant filled with one four-top and less than a dozen two-tops running the length of the bar, it was almost entirely empty the entire time we were there.


The restaurant has a wide selection of beers on tap and wines by the glass.  We tried a Big Daddy IPA and liked it.


Parking is a pain.


Quote of the evening: we overheard a father telling a child, "This is a flying saucer of goodness."  He was talking about clams.


Original Announcement


Tonight we'll head to Cinecitta Ristorante & Bar for some North Beach atmosphere and Roman-style pizza.


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