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We visited Creations Dessert House twice, once on 2005-07-07 and again on 2007-03-07.

Creations Dessert House 2005-07-07 Review

Creations Dessert ( http://creationsdessert.com/ ) is a dessert house lifted right out of Hong Kong; the Geary street location is their first North American outlet. Sitting as the only non-Asians in its oddly shaped but amazingly comfortable bucket chairs and watching wide flat-screen TVs playing Chinese pop, it was clear we were definitely out of place. (We wre much more out of place than at Brother's, which felt like it had many Asian-Americans; Creations had what felt like many more Asians, not Asian-Americans or otherwise americanized.)


But I digress. Creations is a good dessert place with a heavy emphasis on fresh fruit and mango pudding, along with an assortment of much more unusual to American palates items such as sago, rice balls, jellies, and bird's nests, all of which I have yet to explore.


Original 2005-07-07 Announcement

Since this was a spur-of-the-moment post-dinner destination, there was no original announcement.


Comments from Other Attendees


Seth's Recollection:

yeah, I really like this place. I haven't found something quite like it on the east coast yet - probably because fresh fruit isn't as easy to do well on the east coast but I'm not really sure. Great food that's very unusual for the US.


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Creations Dessert House 2007-03-07 Review

After dinner, we headed to Creations Dessert House, a Taiwanese dessert place that we've been to before and that I knew was somewhere nearby. After driving around a bit, we looked it up and discovered it was a block from our dinner restaurant, Old Shanghai.


Upon being seated, we were given complimentary glasses of chrysanthemum tea, a tea so nice in both aroma and taste that we'd return just for it.


For dessert, we simply shared a large bowl of fresh fruit. It was respectable, filled with kiwi, cantaloupe, watermelon (not as sweet as one person wanted), honeydew, mango (not quite ripe), and something perfectly ripe and tremendously good which we think may have been papaya.


The decor has changed tremendously since our last visit. Now, it has much more for a restaurant feel. All the flat-screen TVs are gone, as are all the bucket chairs and circular coffee tables. Instead, it has rectangular, dark, wooden dining tables, high-backed chairs with four legs, and photographs on the walls. It's much more staid than before.


As I previously mentioned, some dishes on the menu contain unusual ingredients like bird's nest. This time, a few dishes with snow frog caught our eye. We wonder what it was. Here's the answer:



Finally, your faithful scribe was told to record the phrase "situationally terrible" to document its descriptiveness and novelty.


Original 2007-03-07 Announcement

Since this was a spur-of-the-moment post-dinner destination, there was no original announcement.


Comments from Other Attendees

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