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Page history last edited by Mark P 15 years, 7 months ago

Background on Vancouver Restaurants


As part of my trip to Vancouver (partially to watch its international fireworks competition), I did much research via chowhound, Vancouver Magazine's restaurant awards, Fodor's discussion boards, and other web sites on good restaurants within the city.


Context for this Particular Restaurant


Go Fish, from what I read, felt like a local dive. It has no web page and no real building. I knew I had to go.


Go Fish Review


Go Fish fulfilled its reputation, serving me perfect fish and chips.


I ordered two pieces of halibut. These were hot and perfectly breaded but still moist, a nice contrast to the overcooked halibut at Chambar from last night. Two was definitely too much for me, but they were addictive and I couldn't stop. (I hoped I could walk off the calories later in the day... I did walk a bit, though certainly not as much as the previous day.)


The fries were similarly perfect. And I don't use that word lightly.


The spicy coleslaw was fairly good as well.


As for decor, Go Fish is a stand near the water. And it's indeed as popular as I imagined.

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