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Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant Review


During the rainy drive home from Tahoe after snowboarding, Ojan, Julie, and I stopped in Davis at Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant for dinner. Although generally the food itself was only okay, the dessert we had (and the dessert list) definitely deserve an endorsement.


Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant describes itself as Czech; its menu reflects the general eastern European leanings toward meat and starches with dishes like goulash, schnitzel, stroganoff, and potato pancakes. It also has the intriguingly named Duck CzNuggets. In addition, Little Prague had a bakery component and therefore an extensive dessert menu; I'll mention this more when I talk about what we ordered. For now, let me simply mention that one person that sat at the table next to us only ordered dessert. Every table we saw ordered dessert.


We all had borscht as our first course. The soup was thick and hot, filled with vegetables, and quite satisfying (especially on this wet day) in the comfort / home-cooked sort of way (although one person complained accurately that it wasn't that exciting). It was presented in metal cups with a dollop of sour cream on top, then poured into our bowls. We wondered if this neat extraneous step was there because of tradition.


As for entrees, we tried the pork schnitzel. Basically a breaded fried cutlet, this was fine but nothing more (although squirting lemon juice on it helped a bit). Came with (yellow) Czech potato salad, which was so mayonnaise based the two of us that shared it couldn't make it through one scoop of it. The dish also had some unremarkable red cabbage.


We also tried the chicken paprikash. It consisted of cubes of chicken in a creamy paprika-based sauce alongside bread patties that soaked up sauce well. This definitely was the best entree and got strong endorsements from mostly everyone. Julie described it, not that inaccurately, as a new form of chicken pot pie, chicken and sauce separated from a bread product (in this case, a spongy bread). Sadly, it got worse quickly as it cooled.


Julie has the vegetable special of the day, a bell pepper stuffed with mushrooms (and other stuff?). This was bad. Nasty mushrooms, and nothing else going for it.


After perusing the large dessert menu and having Ojan enlighten us on the history of the sachertorte, a dessert that he had in and originates in Vienna, we decided to order the restaurant's sachertorte -- its "twist on the classic." The three of us, Ojan included, were pleasantly surprised how much it resembled his description of the original - three layers of chocolate, two quite dense and one creamy, with a hard chocolate backing along the outside of the slice, and hints of raspberry flavors at the bottom of the slice. And what the waiter said quietly when we ordered it, "I love cutting cake," also brought a smile to our faces.


Little Prague has a nice space: multiple dining rooms and a courtyard that would probably be quite pleasant in nice weather. While dining, we were also charmed by a Ukrainian violinist -we know where he was from because someone asked him- that played well and really did love to play. He was smiling throughout, and grinned tremendously whenever we applauded. (It actually felt a little weird to me that he was so happy. But that's just me.)


Finally, I need to shout out for the restaurant's web site. It's fun and hokey, clearly reflecting the family-owned nature of the establishment, and includes nice touches like comparisons of California and the Czech Republic and Czech proverbs. Seriously, poke around and smile a bit.


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