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on December 15, 2007 at 6:49:53 pm

Pomegranate Mediterranean Cuisine Review


We had unexpectedly good Persian food at Pomegranate Mediterranean Cuisine in Berkeley.


After sitting down, we were delivered pita bread, baked until crunchy in their own oven and then served warm and fresh.


We ordered hummus to accompany the pita bread. The hummus was pretty good. As is fairly common, the hummus had a pool of olive oil in the center.


They gave us a complimentary baba ghannooj (green). It's good enough that Ow, who usually isn't an eggplant fan, liked it. Oj, although he remarked it could've used more garlic, nonetheless approved of it as well. Mixing the humus, which had a stronger garlic flavor, with the baba ghannooj on a piece of pita worked well.


We shared three entrees. Each was slightly smaller than we learned to expect from other Persian restaurants. Most came with fluffy, quality basmati rice that we all liked. Oj, a Persian rice snob, explained it had to do with the way rice was cooked by boiling and steaming. Each plate also came with some vegetables that we didn't expect at a restaurant like this: green beans and carrots, both drizzled with butter.


Two lamb shanks, presented on potatoes mashed with garlic and cloves, served as one entree. Those of us who enjoy lamb shank enjoyed this dish. The meat on potatoes with vegetables reminded us of shepherd's pie. Oj said his dad would like this dish.


Filet kebab (barg) was good and soft. Ow didn't like the chewy texture, though the rest of us did.


Chicken kebab, lemony but dry, was the worst of the three. Nevertheless, Oj said his mom would like it.


For dessert, we had a fairly good baklava. Oddly, it was served mostly warm. The nuts, however, we still cool. Huh.


Pomegranate’s atmosphere is slightly upscale. For instance, tables have white tablecloths, but the tablecloths are covered by white paper. A piano stands in the corner. (We sat next to it for a while before noticing its existence.)


The total was $25/person including tax and tip but not including drinks.


Original Announcement


Since Pomegranate Mediterranean Cuisine was the result of a last minute planning, there was no original announcement.


Comments from Other Attendees

Incidentally, the menu lists a dish: "gourmet sabzi." :)


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