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Note: I'm not sure if this restaurant is related to the Red Sea restaurant in Oakland that some of us visited as part of my Ethiopian crawl five years later.


Red Sea Review


As basically everyone knows, last Thursday we went to a nice Ethiopian restuarant in San Jose called the Red Sea. It was at a cute family-owned place -- a house with the first floor converted into the restaurant. We had the adventure of drinking a smooth sweet homemade honey wine and eating not with utensils but instead picking everything up with Injera. (It seemed like a cross between pita, crepe, and nan.) The meal itself was flavorful, served on large communal platers, including spinach, lentils, chicken, meat, and lots more Injera, and mostly all covered with a sauce apparently called Berbere (that includes too many ingredients to name).


Original Announcement



Anyway, this Thursday we'll head to Ethiopian food! A place in San Jose called the Red Sea. I don't know much about Ethiopian besides what the reviews say, so here's two reviews:




Bippety bop!



Let's meet at the restaurant at 7:00pm. Reservations are under the name OMITTED.

Red Sea Restaurant

684 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95112

Phone: (408) 993-1990


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