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RNM Restaurant Review


RNM Restaurant served us fairly pleasing, contemporary, novel dishes in an appropriately modern setting.


As I attempt to write the rest of this review months after the fact from my notes, I see my notes are practically nothing more than a list of what we ordered.  Furthermore, my memory of this outing has faded, so I'll leave this review simply as a transcription of my notes.


We had:


  • grilled hearts of romaine with fuji apples, saint agur blue cheese, toasted hazelnuts, and champagne vinaigrette.


  • lobster and mascarpone ravioli with meyer lemon beurre blanc, snap peas, and pea sprouts.


  • smoked bbq pulled pork on a corn cake with avocado, creme fraĆ®che, and cilantro.  The corn cake was mealy due to the presence of large kernels.


  • duck confit pizza with midnight moon cheese, figs, arugula, and a walnut vinaigrette.


  • mini rnm burgers on foccacia with vermont white cheddar, caramelized onions, traditional condiments, and fries.  The waitress kindly requested the kitchen put three on the plate so we didn't have to cut them in order to get our fair share.


  • molten chocolate cake espresso creme anglaise and vanilla ice cream.


The restaurant was dark, lit mainly by a cool chandelier.


We tried two drinks.  One was a pimm's cup, which I thought was "indistinct."  The other was an aviator cocktail, which I thought was funky and had a bitter kick.


The total was $33/person including tax and tip but not including drinks.


Original Announcement


We'll go to RNM Restaurant, a contemporary restaurant in the Haight. Oj's been there before and liked it, and it's been on my list to try since way before that.



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