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Background on Montreal Restaurants


As part of my trip to Montreal, I did much research via chowhound, Fodor's, Frommer's, Yahoo travel, and other web sites on good restaurants nearby. I knew I wanted to eat at places that I can't find back at home. That meant French bistros and nice bakeries. But it also meant so much more. I learned Montreal really was a good town for foodies, with countless other unique dining experiences with restaurants specializing in items ranging from fois gras and Montreal bagels to smoked meats and poutine. Even though I was in the city for five days, I could've easily filled many times more days than that with recommended restaurants.


Context for this Particular Restaurant


Schwartz's Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen is commonly mentioned along with famous French bistros in the same paragraph describing must-visit restaurants in Montreal.



Schwartz's Deli Review


Schwartz's effectively only serves smoked meat sandwiches and so we ordered three, along with a few sides.


The smoked meat sandwiches, much like pastrami, were exactly as they should be: terrific, and overloaded with meat. They were served on rye and dotted with wonderfully tasty mustard seeds. Admittedly, however, my mom didn't like the smoked taste as much as my dad and I did.


Our side of fries was excellent as well. My mom, with her experience with boardwalk fries, at first thought they were like Coney Island's fries but further thought pointed toward Thrasher's. In either case, she declared them "really really really good."


We also had some fine grilled liver, much like liver as in liver and onions.


The coleslaw was decent. Quite vinegary.


The pickles we ordered were dill. I always forget how boring dills are compared other types, like gherkins.


The decor is classic, hole in the wall deli.

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