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Shiok Singapore Kitchen Review


We found ourself in nearby Menlo Park for Singaporean cuisine. It was nice size, and became fairly crowded after we arrived. (People along the street must've said, those people look like they know what they're doing, let's eat there too!) After an appetizer, we had a good (though small) meal of calamari, fragrant chicken, chinese beef steak, some kind of claypot rice dish, and string beans (we should've ordered more). Our initial picks from the menu were all chinese (nothing malay) so we had to revise our choices for a "true selection" of the restaurant. We also had the good fortune of attempting to order abalone but it being out, and replacing our order with the calamari, which we agreed was probably the best dish of the evening. (Although the rice and the chicken came in a close second.) Paul ruled that the string beans were one of the least authentic dishes and the chicken and the rice (especially the rice) were the more authentic ones.


After dinner we retired to eat sundays at the (second-floor) balcony at Swensen (which some of us didn't know existed).


With a very different crowd and setting than last time, conversation topics were less far-ranging... no talk about IPOs or NATO bombings or recounting trips to Europe or even trippy childrens' book writers.



How was dinner at Shiok!? I have wanted to try that restaurant ever since Paul first brought it up. it's really cool to get to try regional food when you have someone from that region to give you advice.


It was good. Very good. As I mentioned in the review, the fragrant chicken and the calamari were really good. Bryson indeed made a good instant decision on the calamari when the dish we intended to order turned out to be out of stock.


Original Announcement


This week we will adjourn ourselves to Singapore. At least a supposedly fairly authentic Singaporean restaurant nearby, called Shiok! Singapore Kitchen Menlo Park. It comes highly recommended from Paul (who I believe will be coming) but I trust his judgments so you can blame me if you're disappointed. I cannot point you to a detailed online restaurant review this time (sorry). This restaurant is fairly inexpensive compared to what we aim at: $8-15 for entrees usually. (But I presume we're going to do it family style.)


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