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Background on Atlanta Restaurants

As part of my trip to Atlanta, I did much research on Chowhound, Yahoo travel, and numerous guide books for recommendations on good restaurants nearby. I knew I wanted to eat at places serving food I couldn't get back home. That meant I was going to avoid sophisticated restaurants serving contemporary food -those are pretty much the same everywhere-. That also meant I'd avoid most cuisines from particular countries like Mexico, Thailand, India, Japan, etc. -- I couldn't imagine Atlanta having better renditions of those cuisines than I can find in the bay area. (My research, although it pointed out good restaurants of each of those types, generally seemed to support this conclusion.) Thus, Southern cooking was the main style of food left on my list. Thus, I was seeking comfort/soul food like fried chicken and barbecue.


I occasionally found myself violating my policies by heading to some non-Southern restaurants, mostly because I can get sick of eating fried food.


Context for this Particular Restaurant

I went to Six Feet Under because it was in the area and recommended by a few chowhounds and friend of mine. I heard it described vaguely as a "seafood shack" -- I assumed that meant that fried food would be available but there were probably good alternatives if I didn't feel like eating more artery clogging items.



It's call Six Feet Under because it's across the street from a cemetery.


Six Feet Under Review


Six Feet Under served me respectable seafood tacos and a refreshing hard lemonade.


I ordered a combination plate, containing a catfish taco, a blackened shrimp taco, and a fried calamari taco. All had jalapenos. The blackened shrimp weren't very blackened. This one had the strongest fish taste of the three. The fried calamari taco had a lively white sauce that I liked. The batter was strong thought not thick. I think this taco was my favorite.


My tacos came with a pile of very crispy potato chips and some very good green salsa. The former seemed like they'd been stuck under for a heat lamp for a long time. The latter, a thicker salsa than I usually see, sadly doesn't go with anything else on the plate.


With lunch, I ordered the eponymous Six Feet Under Lemonade from the extensive menu of cocktails, wines, and beers. A mixture of bourbon and lemonade, it was good. The alcohol was entirely hidden.


When viewing the building from the outside, one doesn't really notice the large amount of windows.


From the inside, however, the windows are obvious, basking the interior in indirect natural light.


The total was $20 including tax and tip and the $6.50 hard lemonade.

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