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So Restaurant Review


So (yes that's the name of a Chinese Restaurant) served us pretty good fried chicken, green beans, and broccoli beef, and less appealing noodle dishes. 

  • "Dried sauteed green beans." Pretty darn good; we all approved. Nicely crispy. Served with slivers of garlic and slivers of Chinese pickle. We liked the latter too, though aren't sure it went with the green beans.
  • Chicken wings, lightly battered and fried. Very good with a slightly sticky sauce. Spicy. (Apparently spicier than but otherwise identical to the version at San Tung, this restaurant's parent and our original destination for the evening. In fact, from reviews I've read, most dishes here are spicier than the equivalent ones at San Tung.)
  • Broccoli beef. We picked it because according to the menu "[you] can't go wrong with that." :) It was canonical broccoli beef, exactly like we expected: lots of broccoli and thin slices of beef. The mildness of the dish appealed to us as a contrast to the other spicy dishes. The beef was decent quality, surprising for a Chinese restaurant.


We got two noodle dishes. The noodles, especially the ones in the peanut butter dish, were freaking long! As such, they were difficult to serve--that is, until we noticed the waitress left us some scissors. (How cool is that?) We used them to cut the long strands to get portions we could put on a plate.


Both these noodle dishes were huge, easily the size of two other entrees. Also, although they had protein, these dishes were pretty much entirely noodles. Whatever protein there was was few and far between.


Though the noodles themselves were good quality, we generally weren't excited by either sauce. 

  • Peanut (butter) noodles, tossed with some mushrooms, a few peas and onion slices, and even fewer tiny shrimp and other seafood. Fairly innocuous and not displeasing, but, as one attendee observed, kind of uninteresting.
  • So Black Bean Noodles, with slices of peppers and a few tiny pieces of pork. Too spicy. Although it seemed at first not as spicy as the chicken wings, the spices grew and we found we generally couldn't eat it. That, combined with the observation that it seemed a bit oily, not as in cooked in oil but as in the noodles may have been soaked in oil, made us leave the large bowl barely dented.


The decor is fairly standard for a casual Chinese restaurant. Also, the restaurant was quite cold, despite us sitting as far from the door as possible.


The total was $11/person including tax and tip but not including drinks.


Original Announcement


Since our intended destination for the evening, San Tung, turned out to be closed on Wednesdays, we went to a nearby restaurant that's said to be run by the children of the people who run San Tung.


Comments from Other Attendees


After reading reviews after dinner, it looks like we ordered all the highly endorsed menu items. Two other items, the cherry chicken and the curry over rice (or noodles), also get a few positive reviews.


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