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Suppenkuche Notes


An old college friend of mine, S, was in town, so many of us old friends of his gathered for gathered to eat, drink, and reconnect.


The bread served at the beginning of the meal was heavy, rustic, dense, and mostly tasteless.  Not even the chive butter made it worth eating.


The potato pancakes with apple sauce were respectable and enjoyable.


I definitely liked the pork ravioli in the mushroom sauce.


My venison medallions in red wine plum sauce were great: excellently cooked (tender and juicy) and the sauce was very good as well.  I mopped it up with whatever I could.


The red cabbage was none too exciting and got to me after not very long.


The spatzle was relatively boring.


I had a wheat beer, Schneider Weisse, at $8, more expensive than all other wheat beers, that was terrific, smooth and flavorful.  I don't remember the name, and it's not on the restaurant's online menu.


notes on what to try

Upon return, I should try the schnitzle, one of their signature dishes.


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