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Sushi Zone was unofficially visited twice, once on 2006-04-23, and once on 2007-10-28.

Sushi Zone 2007-10-28 Review


Sushi Zone served us generally solid sushi. Only a few pieces were notably good. We had

  • baked mussels with cheese (appetizer)
  • jalapeno stuffed with hamachi (appetizer)
  • baked sea bass with mango (appetizer)
  • spicy tuna rolls
  • himachi with mango rolls
  • hawaiian #2 rolls
  • salmon with asparagus rolls
  • salmon nigiri

The baked mussels was the favorite appetizer, with the stuffed jalapenos a close second. Both were quite good.


Of the rolls, the spicy tuna was notably good. Otherwise they were all decent. I concluded, based on the appetizer and the roll, that I don't think mango works in sushi. Nor did the Macadamia nuts in the Hawaiian rolls excite me much.


The cuts of nigiri were huge. (This is judging from more than the salmon. We had other nigiri which I didn't eat.)


Comments from Other Attendees


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Sushi Zone 2006-04-23 Review


Ojan and Julie are large fans of Sushi Zone.


Since I wasn't that hungry, I ordered for myself and stole a bit of the extra stuff Ojan and Julie ordered.

  • Spicy Tuna Rolls - good.
  • Halibut Nigiri - poor.
  • Salmon Nigiri - I thought this was decidedly mediocre, but Ojan and Julie thought it was very good. But then I usually don't like salmon nigiri.
  • Endamame - standard.
  • Two types of unusual rolls - Both were bad. One had something like pickle or plum or pickled plum and when the taste was strong, it was bad. (We all agreed on that conclusion.) The other was funky but that was because it had some weird vegetable. (Ojan and I agreed on this; Julie, however, liked them.)


Original Announcement


Since this was a destination Ojan and Julie chose that evening, there was no original announcement.


Comments from Other Attendees


Feel free to add remarks here.

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