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Background on Atlanta Restaurants

As part of my trip to Atlanta, I did much research on Chowhound, Yahoo travel, and numerous guide books for recommendations on good restaurants nearby. I knew I wanted to eat at places serving food I couldn't get back home. That meant I was going to avoid sophisticated restaurants serving contemporary food -those are pretty much the same everywhere-. That also meant I'd avoid most cuisines from particular countries like Mexico, Thailand, India, Japan, etc. -- I couldn't imagine Atlanta having better renditions of those cuisines than I can find in the bay area. (My research, although it pointed out good restaurants of each of those types, generally seemed to support this conclusion.) Thus, Southern cooking was the main style of food left on my list. Thus, I was seeking comfort/soul food like fried chicken and barbecue.


I occasionally found myself violating my policies by heading to some non-Southern restaurants, mostly because I can get sick of eating fried food.


Context for this Particular Restaurant

It was quite late by the time we'd checked into our hotel and I assumed all of the recommended restaurants on my list would be closed or closing. Hence, we asked the clerk at the hotel for advice. She gave us direction to a nearby part of town with restaurants. We drove there, looked around, and found several that were open. Eventually we decided on something quick and casual: Waffle House



Waffle House is a short-order-style diner and a Southern icon. As a chain, it has many locations. You wouldn't believe how many signs I already spotted for Waffle House in the few hours I've been in town. (Basically, as many as McDonald's.)


Incidentally, the fun facts page on the Waffle House web site is entertaining, though a bit scary in terms of how much food they go through each year.


Waffle House Review

Maybe we went to the wrong location but this meal at Waffle House was certainly worse than Denny's. We had:

  • a waffle: sadly undercooked.
  • hash browns (in this case, shredded potatoes): also sadly undercooked.
  • chile: fine. Nothing special, but certainly the best part of the meal.Many people at this waffle house seemed to know each other, greeting each other as they came and left. That yields a nice, friendly atmosphere.


Sadly, I forgot to photograph the food or the restaurant.

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