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Page history last edited by Mark P 14 years, 10 months ago

Wild Goose Cafe and Bar Review


Wild Goose, pretty much a standard road-side diner, served me satisfying and certainly filling food--exactly what I expected--, plus a good home-made muffin.



I had standard scrambled eggs, decent hash browns, which were soft/undercooked in the center and browned on the outside, and a really buttery marionberry muffin, which also contained walnut slices.


When I call the joint a road-side diner, I'm spot on. It's a few hundred feet from an I-5 exit. It's located between a motel and a gas station. And, as a good sign for a diner, its parking lot was packed when I arrived.


I sat at the bar and absorbed the hubbub. The diner seemed to be filled with locals--my waitress seemed to know some other customers. Also, my waitress was the traditional, terse diner waitress. For instance, after I ordered, she simply said, "No meat?"


Wild Goose Cafe calls itself a cafe and bar. I saw a sign advertising live music on weekend afternoons that supported this questionable claim.


Original Announcement


There was no original announcement. As part of organizing a trip to Oregon's Shakespeare Festival, I did much research via chowhound and other web sites on good restaurants in Ashland.


Wild Goose was supposedly a place where many locals have breakfast. It thus seemed like a good place for me to have breakfast as well.

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