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Windy City Pizza Review


Windy City Pizza was okay. The three pizzas we tried -chicken pesto stuffed pizza, greek (feta, olives, etc.) deep dish, and a bell pepper and tomato deep dish- were okay, but none were as good as, say, Pizz'a Chicago. (Of the three we ordered, we didn't have a strong preference deep versus stuffed, and for flavors our preference order went in the order I just gave, best to worst.)


Windy City Pizza is also a BBQ joint; hence we tried that side of the menu with an appetizer of rib tips. Although served with a very sweet (overly sweet some said) BBQ sauce and containing occasional pieces of tough meat, these were decent and we actually enjoyed them more than the pizzas. They came with a side of our choice -- we selected the potato salad and it turned out to be perfectly average supermarket quality creamy potato salad.


We also tried an appetizer of cream cheese poppers. Breaded peppers filled with cream cheese and deep fried, these were as tasty and heart-congesting as you'd imagine, but not exceptional for this type of offering.


Original Announcement


Happy thanksgiving!


Having just returned from Chicago, I have an urge for a pizza in the deep-dish/Chicago/stuffed style. Thus, Wednesday we'll head to a little hole-in-the-wall called Windy City Pizza in San Mateo. It's supposedly in the league of our past pizza destinations, Little Star and Zachary's. Let's see how it is!



Please tell me if you are coming!


I can pick people up from the BART.


Comments from Other Attendees


I returned to Windy City two years later, on August 20, 2008. I had the beef rib dinner. It was pretty good, though not better than average ribs (if I recall average ribs correctly). I liked the bbq sauce. The corn muffin on the side was average. Moist enough. I like my cornbread better. The baked beans were quite tasty. They had a bit of ground meat in them. Meanwhile, the coleslaw didn't have any dressing and was therefore unpleasant. -mark

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