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Yank Sing Review

Some friends, friends of friends, and I went to dim sum at Yank Sing's Spears Street location on Sunday morning, February 25, 2007. It's supposedly one of the best dim sum places in the city.


The food was decent but not, in my experience, better or worse than average dim sum places. I got to try many items, including:

  • potstickers - average. perfectly decent.
  • egg rolls - below average. too thick fried exterior, not very warm, and only pork inside.
  • shanghai dumplings (xlb) - below average. leaky. still, tasty. broth not that exciting.
  • snow pea shoot dumplings - not my thing. pea shoots don't work in dumplings.
  • shrimp gow - good. perfectly respectable.
  • sticky rice with pork in lotus leaf - good, especially the pork, though the whole thing was too salty.
  • chinese broccoli - okay. steamed and served cool makes them not exciting.
  • pork mushrooms - decent. shell of mushroom filled with lots of pork.
  • steamed bbq pork buns - good, exactly as they should be.
  • soft tofu in sweet broth for dessert - I like the broth. tofu doesn't do anything for me.
  • long flat shrimp-filled things - pretty good.
  • singapore noodles - decent. simple. not greasy. nice for its uncomplicated nature.
  • stuffed crab claws - okay. crab claws lightly covered with thick coating and fried. not that exciting. not much meat in the claws.


Most of the dining room of this Yank Sing location is in an airy plaza in the center of a mall. How odd! But it does give a nice spacious feeling. The unbacked, multi-storied waterfall in the middle of the plaza is impressive.


Total was $28 per person, including tax, tip, and some pots of tea.


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